Thursday, January 4, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me

Well, today is my 23rd B-day and peeps have been calling me since 12:01 this morning to wish me happy B-day. There's one person who hasn't that i'm waiting on. As a matter of fact, I haven't heard anything from him for real in the past couple of days. I'm not gonna sweat it though. I have plenty of other people that can make me feel like a complete person. No way am I gonna let the past week ruin my birthday. The way things were going, I didn't know if I was gonna make it to another birthday. I was starting to feel like one of those kids in final destination. Anyway, I'm just gonna chill all day and since it's my mom's B-day too ( she was born Jan. 4th, 1963), we're going out tonight. I know it's wierd to hear a girl say she's going out with her mom, but then again, you don't have a mom like mine. I think her mind never left the age of 23 eventhough she's 44 today. Anyhow, after a couple of crown and cokes tonight, I'm sure my B-day will be on!!!!


Tuesday, January 2, 2007

strawberries and orajel

I, Teresa Williams, will never go out on a blind date ever again. It lasted two hours way too long. You know how you meet the man of your dreams and you just know he's the one. This man was definitely not the one. OH MY GOD!!!! He was awful! i can't believe i trusted c.'s judgement, every man she's dated was someone else's man. Okay, I try not to be picky. I could deal with the rudeness and the arrogance, but the TEETH! I've made a new rule. No dates with guys who have less teeth than my five month old son. Not to mention, if he had touched my leg one more time, i was gonna stab him with my fork. I may be a little of a nymph, but i ain't a hoe. Lucky for me, they had a dessert tray full of strawberries (I'm allergic). I snuck one and rubbed a little on my face in the bathroom. Of course, I was too itchy to stay :). Now that's what I call desperate. Guys, if a lady is that desperate to get away from you, don't call her. My dumb ex-friend, as of today, gave him my number. He actually asked me out on another date. I told him to hold his breath until i called. I hope he passes out

until the next disaster,


Monday, January 1, 2007

Is There such a Thing?

Okay, I'm sitting here, wallowing in self-pity that the only reason I have a date for the first day of the new Year is because C. needs a wing man. You probably can already tell that I don't get out much. After diapers, spit-up and hollerin', you really don't feel up to it. But, back to the subject. Does true love exsist? I'm truly starting to wonder. My mom's 43 and she's got no man to speak off. My sisters- none. They say everyone has a soul mate, but what if I met mine back in the sixth grade and I broke his coloring pencils? Wouldn't that be a mess? I'm the romantic type so I'd like to think I've either not met the right guy yet or he's seriously dragging his feet. So that just leaves one question. How do you know? Don't ask me cause I seriously have no clue. There's one dude I keep holding out hope for, but that looks like a big HELL NO! Don't get me wrong, we like each other, but for some odd reason, things don't seem to work in our favor. He either has a girl or I'm on some kind of man hunting mission. Either way, the game feels rigged when it comes to him. Besides, the fact that I become a tongue tied, idiot and can't tell him how I really feel for real, there doesn't look like there's a chance in hell. So I guess that's all I've got left to rant about until after this date that I seriously need to be getting ready for. Hell, I may even get lucky and my mom will decide she might wanna go out her damn self.


New Year, Sink or Swim

1. stay away from guys who seem to like going to jail.
2. stay away from guys with girlfriends
3. stay away from guys that i'm in love with that have girlfriends

those are my top three new year's resolutions. I seem to have this on going problem with men. Either they're taken or they aren't worth crap and that's why they aren't taken. My girl Sophia always told me I could find the nearest train wreck of a man with my eyes closed. That may be true, but I haven't given up hope on the male gender just yet (sorry girls). That's the only thing that's getting me out of this house tonight for this crazy blind double date thing my bff set me up on tonight. I'm not stupid, i'm the tag along. The excuse for her going out so her boyfriend won't kill her. Oh well, I have no man and I could use a drink.